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All About Credit

Articles in this category will be related to credit, credit scores, loans and credit cards. Send any topic suggestions or questions to OFCU Marketing.

Credit cards & interest rates…oh my!

Welcome to our brand-new blog and very first post. We hope you will enjoy the quick read and find something entertaining, useful, or worth sharing in this and future articles.

Secured Credit Cards
Someone once asked me if a secured credit card was safer than a regular (unsecured) credit card and I thought, “great question!” 
loan application on mobile phone
Loans 101
Getting a loan is more than just filling out an application. Being approved is not just about a good credit score and a big income, either.  Learn what other factors come into play...

Accounts & Services

Articles in this category will relate to checking, debit cards, digital banking, savings accounts and more.  Send any topic suggestions or questions to OFCU Marketing.
three piggy banks
September 12, 2023
Let's talk about Club Accounts.
I have one for heating oil, one for vacations/trips, and I just opened one for miscellaneous expenses like registering my car, paying my sewer bill, etc.  Read Post
family vacation
June 1, 2023
Travel Safely
Whether you are taking a cross-country road trip or cruising to foreign countries, there are some steps you can take to help keep your finances safe.  READ POST
mobile pay logos
April 24, 2023
Mobile Pay and Digital Wallets My teammate flashes her Apple Watch wherever she can – gas pumps, Subway, the vending machine…  But, a lot of people don’t know about mobile pay or understand how it works.  Read Post
fraud alerts
March 17, 2023
All About Fraud Alerts
Fraud alerts are an important part of managing your accounts and keeping them safe. In this article, we'll share how they work, what triggers them and more.  Read Post
February 7, 2023

Pending...Not Pending...Gone!

Two years ago, I had COVID the week before Thanksgiving. To have any kind of (solitary) holiday meal, I decided to try Walmart’s pick-up service for the first time. I downloaded the app, created my list, chose a pick-up time - how easy!  READ POST
October 16,2023
A few years ago, my son decided to clean out a drawer full of miscellaneous paperwork and mail. “Ma – do I need to keep all of these bank statements?” his text read.  Read post

Finances in General

Articles in this category will relate to general financial topics such as educational resources, budgeting, money-saving tips and more. Send any topic suggestions or questions to OFCU Marketing.
piggy bank with coins
February 23, 2023
Financial Wellness
I think I’ve always managed my money fairly well. But I spent many, many years living paycheck to paycheck and having to borrow from my parents if something came up…

education financial
February 28, 2023
Financial Wellness II
Here's part two of our financial wellness article. Learn how OFCU supports financial education in our communities.
Banzai logo
July 18, 2023
Get on board with Banzai!
Do you ever feel like no one knows anything about their finances and they are just winging it through life? Join the club.
jars for saving money
August 10, 2023
Learning to Save

I started working at the very young age of 13, and since then I have always had a job. Unfortunately, when I first started earning money, no one ever suggested to me to save any of it.  Read Post

August 21, 2023
Shop online safely.
Yes - online shopping has made my life, and most likely yours, easier. But, it has also made it easier for fraudsters to steal our money and our information. Read post
sample of scam survey
September 26, 2023
Answer & Win!
Hmm… probably not. Have you been the victim of a survey scam that landed in your email? You’re definitely not alone. Our Plastic Card Coordinator, Kelly, had this to say…  Read Post
scam alert on laptop
January 8, 2024

What’s the difference between fraud and a scam?

Most people use fraud and scam as interchangeable terms, but there is a difference between the two.  Read Article

senior woman on phone
March 25, 2024
We will never ask you that!
With scams getting even harder to spot, you need to know (and remember!) what your credit union or bank will never ask of you.  Read Article
youth with piggy banks
April 10, 2024
Credit Union Youth Month
April is Credit Union Youth Month and in this article you will find reasons and resources for teaching kids about money. Read Article

All Things OFCU

Articles in this category will relate to community involvement, events, OFCU history and more. Send any topic suggestions or questions to OFCU Marketing.
staff volunteers at school event
June 23, 2023
OFCU Gives Back
We really love spreading the love!  Learn about the support we provided to our communities this spring.   Read Post
blocks spelling 2023
February 21, 2024
A Look Back at 2023
At the end of each year, we look forward to seeing our 'stats' - how many members we served and in what ways, how we gave back to our communities and more. We thought we’d share some of them with you!    read post

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