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The below content is meant to be informational and not used as financial advice.

This article was written by guest author Ashley Provencher. 

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July 18, 2023

Hi, hello, please, virtually gather around - everyone is included for this adventure. Are you ready for today’s topic? Finances! YIKES! They are pretty boring and super confusing, and we all think we know a thing or two - but do we?

Who is your financial educator?
How unprepared do you feel for the future? Do you ever feel vulnerable because of your lack of knowledge? Do you ever feel like no one knows anything about their finances and they are just winging it through life? Does this sound absolutely terrifying to you? Join the club.  There are so many of us 'average Joes' out here that have never been provided true beneficial knowledge or shown how to manage our money.

If you are like me, your parents were your guide. If your parents were like my parents, they didn’t even have a clue themselves. Back in the day, they were taught how to borrow and balance between always owing and trying to live comfortably.  I was never even told how to apply for a loan! When I was a kid no one told me about budgeting, saving, retiring, insurance...the list goes on (I know I’m already overwhelming you). It was just all living day to day. Just do whatever you want with your money and figure it out later. Unfortunately, this is how it is for so many people.

Why I love Banzai!
I used to be just like every other 'average Joe' until I found Banzai - and I am a credit union employee for crying out loud! I didn’t know how interest worked or what it even was. I did not know how to balance a check book or make a budget. I remember when I discovered these hidden little gems on our website, I was so amazed at the detail and education that they provided for FREE.

These courses aren’t just for the grown-ups either. There is a Banzai Junior, also! Get excited Mom and Dad - there are resources for you to teach your little ones about money. You don’t have to be like my parents. You can show little Sally and little Carl just how easy managing your finances can be as long as you are prepared.

Leave your financial fears and unknowns in the past (along with maybe your parents’ way of managing money). It is so simple. With just a few clicks you can find hundreds of Banzai resources. Set yourself up with a login and a password to start your own personalized financial education journey.

Take control and learn what you don't know or weren't taught. Get on board with Banzai and get a whole new outlook!

Ashley P
Written by

Ashley Provencher

Ashley has been a teller at our Mexico branch for nearly four years. She loves to learn new things and share her knowledge with OFCU members and her teammates.

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