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Our Board of Directors

Oxford Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution that relies on volunteers for its Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. These elected officials, who oversee the credit union operations, are announced at each Annual Meeting.

We have a talented and diverse group of volunteers who are dedicated to serving and helping ensure that Oxford FCU operates in a sound and fiscally responsible manner.

Board of Directors:
John F. Walker: Chairperson
David LeClerc: Vice Chairperson
Barbara Arsenault: Secretary/Treasurer
Michael Madore
Owen Melville
Peter Gautreau
Rebecca Ulmer

Associate Board Members:

Supervisory Board Members:
Sheryl Briggs
Owen Melville
Gabe Pasternak
Each member of Oxford FCU’s Board of Directors is elected by the membership to serve a three-year term. The board sets Oxford FCU policy and oversees management in the overall running of the Credit Union.

Specific board responsibilities include:
• Making strategic decisions, establishing objectives, formulating policy, and approving goals and programs.
• Setting rates on savings and loan products and establishing pricing policy on member services and fees.
• Hiring, terminating, and evaluating the credit union’s president.
• Setting and approving pay practices and benefits for credit union staff as recommended by management.
• Participating in standing committees as appointed by the board chair.
• Ensuring that the credit union meets all federal and state regulations and guidelines.
• Monitoring activities of and appointments to the Supervisory Committee.
• Maintaining, reviewing and updating the credit union bylaws.
• Maintaining the confidentiality of all credit union business.
• Attending and actively participating in monthly board meetings and the annual planning session.

Supervisory Committee
The Supervisory Committee is appointed by the board of directors and is comprised of volunteers who are member-owners of Oxford FCU. The committee maintains oversight of the safety and soundness of Oxford FCU.

Specific responsibilities include:
• Helping to safeguard Oxford FCU member assets by initiating ongoing internal and yearly external audits.
• Periodically verifying teller cash and member account balances.
• Reviewing Oxford FCU’s policies, procedures and operations.
• Reviewing the minutes of meetings held by the board of directors and standing committees.
• Evaluating Oxford FCU’s internal controls and financial position.
• Keeping abreast of consumer laws and regulations and determine Oxford FCU’s compliance with them.
• Collaborating with regulatory examiners during their reviews/exams.

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