2023 Recap

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A Look Back at 2023
February 21, 2024

At the end of each year, we look forward to seeing our ‘stats’ - how many members we served and in what ways, how we gave back to our communities and more. We thought we’d share some of them with you!

We had 19,237 members at the end of 2023.

Our lending team processed 3,656 loan applications and saved members $375,320 by refinancing auto loans!

Our ATM saw 180,805 transactions, while our incredible tellers took care of 304,710 in-branch transactions. A whopping 680,985 transactions were made through the convenience of digital banking.

The amazing Call Center team spoke to 57,642 callers last year – that’s over 14,400 per representative!

We said goodbye to two retirees and welcomed five new staff members. By the way, the OFCU team has nearly 600 years of experience altogether. Our employees upheld the credit union motto of ‘people helping people’ by logging almost 400 hours of volunteer time last year.

The marketing team was busy! $45,667 was donated to community causes and $53,902 was spent on sponsorships. They gave 15 classroom presentations ranging from counting coins to creating a budget and participated in 25 community events.

Donations made to local food pantries from the Campaign to End Hunger totaled $13,500 and an additional $3,390 was contributed by OFCU through food drives and donations of reusable bags.

Oh – and we had 76 different puns featured on our road signs throughout the year! 😊

Written by

Lisa Marston

Lisa has been the Marketing Director at Oxford FCU since December 2019 – which is also when she (happily) became a credit union member. Send her(Opens in a new Window) your topic ideas, questions and feedback.

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