digital banking

Digital Banking

Welcome to digital banking.

Welcome to unlimited 24/7 access to your OFCU accounts!

  • Get up-to-date account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Review recent transactions
  • Organize your dashboard, change the order of your accounts and name them
  • Contact Member Service directly with Messages
  • Mobile deposit more than one check at a time, and add a note for your own personal tracking
  • Check out myBudget - a new budgeting and tracking tool
  • Transfer funds to another OFCU member
"I just wanted to let you guys know how much I’m loving the new and improved online banking! It’s so much easier to access and I love the new and cheerful layout that you guys created! Good job and keep up the good work." - Johanna P.

PLEASE NOTE: If you were an OFCU member using online banking or our mobile app on or before October 18, 2022 you will need to enroll as a new user then follow the prompts to complete registration.  

All members enrolling in digital banking will need:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your member/account number*
  • Your email address (must match what is on your account)
  • Your phone number (must match what is on your account)

*Your Member/Account Number can be found on your membership card or in the upper right corner of your monthly statement.

The second step in registering will be receiving your PIN via email.  It is very important that you can access that email account.

If you don't use a mobile app you can register by clicking here.  

The app for Apple users can be found here.  

The app for Android users can be found here

I enrolled - why can't I see my accounts?
It will take a few minutes for the new digital banking to load your accounts. If you are still not seeing them, trying logging out and back in again.  You may also need to change your view in order to see them.

You can customize your dashboard when you log in to organize your accounts (change the order in which they appear) and change your view (click on the dots below your initials in the upper right corner). Compact will show one account at a time (scroll through), Expanded view will show all of your accounts (may need to swipe to show more if on mobile) and Total will give you a snapshot of just your cash and credit balances.

What if I have more than one account that I need to access - like a joint account in addition to my own?
All member accounts are required to enroll and establish a username and password. Once enrolled, you can +Add profile while signed in. Then you can go to the 3 lines in the top left corner, click on your name at the bottom of the menu and easily Switch Users.

Where are my pending deposits?
Pending deposits now appear in Transactions. Transactions are displayed on the dashboard and can also be accessed by clicking on a specific account and then clicking on Transactions. You can now see pending deposits in the mobile app, too!

How do I use Member Transfer?
Member transfers will allow you to transfer money to any Oxford FCU member that you don't already have a transfer relationship set up with.
You will need the following information to make the transfer:
1. First three letters of last name
2. Member Number
3. Checking, Savings or Loan #: This field is asking for the account's 2- digit identifier. If you are unsure of what these are, they can be found on the account statement. They are also visible in digital banking - appearing on the account card after the letter L or letter S

Please note: If you were making transfers to a member using online or mobile banking before the update, these accounts will still be visible in your To: list when using the Transfer feature.

We do not offer external transfers within digital banking at this time, but we recognize that it would be an added convenience that could possibly be added in the future.

Why can't I change the amount of my scheduled payment or transfer?
Unfortunately, scheduled payments and transfers that were set up prior to the new digital banking cannot be updated in digital banking - but we are happy to help with that! Send us a message in digital banking or give us a call. 
Get easy directions to set up recurring/scheduled payments and transfers.

What about my Visa credit card account - why can't I see transactions?
The new digital banking app now allows you to see your balance and make payments by transferring funds. You will not be able to retrieve statements, see transaction history, set alerts, schedule payments, or any of the other convenient services that provides. Once enrolled there, you can download the app from your mobile store by searching for Oxford FCU Visa.

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