credit card sample


A brand-new VISA is here!

We are pleased to announce that the upgrade to our credit card program is complete!  Your new card, once activated, is ready for use. 
  • Don't forget to update any automatic payments that are set up for your OFCU Visa.
  • If there is more than one person on your OFCU Visa account, please be aware that each card will now have its own separate number.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The new card is not yet supported in Apple Pay or Google Pay. We will let cardholders know as soon as the card is able to be added to digital wallets.
  • Once your new card is activated, and you know it works, please destroy your old card.
  • You can now manage your card in digital banking! It may take a day or two for transactions made on the old card to be available to view.
  • If you have the OFCU Visa app installed on your mobile device, you can remove it now.

Deadlines & Important Dates
  • June 24, 2024: Your new credit card is active and ready to use and can now be managed in digital banking.
  • June 24, 2024: If you have any automatic payments set up using your OFCU VISA credit card, you will now need to update the card information in all accounts.
  • June 24, 2024: Travel Accident Insurance will end.
  • July 31, 2024: Last day to redeem any rewards points you have earned. Log into your ScoreCard Rewards account or call 800-854-0790 to redeem.
Credit Card Payments
  • Your payment due date will not change. All VISA credit card payments will still be due by the 10th of each month.
  • Your July statement may look a little different and if you currently receive electronic eStatements for your account, you will continue to do so.
  • All credit card payments you have set-up automatically through EZCard will no longer process as of Friday, June 21, 2024. Payments scheduled for that date will not occur. 
  • When your new card is active, any payments you make to your OFCU VISA from your checking or savings account will process immediately.

Your New OFCU VISA Credit Card
Your new card will be mailed to your primary address on file. Please keep an eye on your mailbox as the envelope it arrives in will not look as if it's from OFCU. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive your new card in early June, but it will not be active for use until June 24, 2024.  

And, your card will have a brand-new look! See the sample at the top of this page. It will be a contactless card and all account information, including your name, will now be found on the back. 
  • Your new card will have a different account number than the one you currently have.
  • Your interest rate and credit limit will not change.
 Digital Banking Access
Probably the most anticipated change will be the ability to manage your credit card account within digital banking! There will be no need for a separate app. Through OFCU’s digital banking app or online portal, you will be able to view transactions and make payments as you do with other loans.

ScoreCard Rewards
The ScoreCard Rewards program will not be available with our new credit card. Purchases made with your OFCU VISA will stop qualifying for rewards points on May 31, 2024 - but you will have until July 31, 2024, to use any points you have earned. Log into your ScoreCard Rewards account or call 800-854-0790 to redeem!  A rewards program may be an added benefit in the future - but we have opted instead to maintain our incredibly low, fixed interest rates for now.

*Please look for reminders in your mailbox or inbox. We will be sharing important dates and other details as they become available.  This page will be updated frequently to give you the most current information as well.