Credit Union Youth Month

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Credit Union Youth Month
April 10 2024

Our marketing team schedules many classroom visits throughout the school year – from teaching elementary students about counting money and the concept of ‘spend, save, share' to talking to high school kids about opening accounts, managing their money and more.

In April, Credit Union Youth Month, we try to make an even wider impact by sharing resources and information outside of the classroom.  Often, children are not taught about finances at home or in school and many don’t have a good role model to follow. 

In this article you’ll find links to resources you can use to talk to and teach your kids about money. And, be sure to check out the special Youth Month offer and contest on our website!

So, why is it so important to teach kids about money?

Financial Literacy

Understanding the basics of money management, such as budgeting, saving and avoiding debt, is essential for navigating adulthood. By teaching kids about money early on, they develop financial literacy skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Responsible Spending Habits

Teaching kids about money helps instill responsible spending habits. They learn the value of money and the importance of prioritizing needs over wants. This understanding can help prevent impulsive spending and debt accumulation in the future.

Goal Setting

Whether it's saving for a toy, a bike, or college tuition, understanding the concept of setting goals and saving for them teaches children the importance of patience, discipline and delayed gratification.

Preventing Financial Losses

Lack of knowledge can lead to costly mistakes in adulthood, such as overspending, accumulating debt, or falling victim to financial scams. By teaching kids about money from a young age, parents and educators can give them the tools to help avoid these pitfalls.

Teaching kids about money is essential for their long-term financial well-being and gives them the knowledge and confidence they need to make smart financial decisions throughout their lives.

Written by

Lisa Marston

Lisa has been the Marketing Director at Oxford FCU since December 2019 – which is also when she (happily) became a credit union member. Send her(Opens in a new Window) your topic ideas, questions and feedback.

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